Friday, June 3, 2011

The Mix Tape (Number 16 on my list: make a mix tape for someone)

mixed tape:
part of speech: n
definition: a compilation of songs recorded in a specific order on CD, DVD, etc.;
also called a mix tape

<i>...I used to rock them tapes...</i>

30 Songs in 30 Days

<a href="" rel="nofollow">The Nonce - Mixtapes</a>

This one is one from the Vault.  The Nonce is on...
Music is one of my passions. I cannot sing and I cannot play, but there is just something magical about listening to songs that touch you all the way to your core. I could literally sit and listen to music for hours. I have almost 4,000 songs on my ipod. So, naturally I've always wanted to make a mix tape for somebody. I have to say I loved Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. It was sweet and funny and prominently featured well thought-out mixed tapes. And a song that I just adore is Jack's Mannequin The Mixed Tape. With lyrics like:
"Where are you now?
As I'm swimming through the stereo
I'm writing you a symphony of sound
Where are you now?
As I rearrange the songs again
This mix could burn a hole in anyone
But it was you I was thinking of"
aren't you just dying to create you're own mix tape??!!

Despite my longing to make a mix tape, I've never really given one to anybody because I think I was always waiting for the right person to give it to. However, I realized when I put it on my bucket list, that there was no harm in making it and giving it to a friend instead. So I chose somebody who really doesn't listen to the same music that I do, in the hopes that all of the songs would be new to him. I carefully browsed through my collection of music and selected songs that were not just my favorite, but spoke to me in some way or revealed a little something about me that I haven't shared. I was very happy with the end result (see photo above)! So I packaged it up with a little note for explanatory purposes and gave it away. I do know that the recipient listened to the entire thing, but I have no idea if he liked it or not. But it really doesn't matter. The beauty was in crafting it; everything after that is unimportant. And this means I can move on to tackle another item on my list :)

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